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wax_lyrical's Journal

Wax Lyrical
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I often scroll through my friends page and find lyrics posted. I'm a prime offender. So I thought, "Why not make a community?" So here it is.

This is a community to post lyrics that mean something to you. Verses that remind you of days gone by. Songs that make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end.

But not just songs, anything with a verse. So poems are equally as welcome.

And original work is encouraged. If you want to post your own material for peer-review, feel free. Though I would suggest that you also post it in some of the specific and established poetry journals, where your work will probably receive a larger audience.

It's not even limited to great examples of the English language. Any tongue is acceptable, but is even more acceptable with an accompanying translation.

Discussion of lyrics and bands in general is also allowed. I'm not fussy - the theme is lyrics but if a certain band you like writes great lines then tell us about them.

A few ground rules:

i) Please place the writer's name and the title of the song/poem either on the title, just for the purposes of people being able to search through the calendar page quickly to find songs they like. If you are posting multiple songs/poems, please put the writer's name in the title bar instead.

ii) If it's large (and you can be the judge of this) then please LJ cut it. To find how to do this, go here. Any overly-long entries will be first moaned at by the general community, and then deleted.

iii) Please credit the writer. It's their work, they deserve the credit. Plus it avoids all those nasty copyright problems. To add to this - if the song is "by" a particular band, but written by someone else, it is best to credit the actual writer. This normally only counts for pop music though.

iv) No off-topic posts please. Adverts for other communities are permitted, but posts that shouldn't be here will be deleted unless posted for good reason.

v) The management (i.e. me) reserves the right to remove people from the community and to delete posts. Any offensive material will be removed. Eminem is Ok (though some people would disagree...) but any religious-hate/homophobic/offensive material etc will be removed. In extreme cases I will report people to the appropriate authorities for this sort of thing.

vi) To make the community a viable resource, and easier to navigate, please add a LiveJournal "tag" to your entry, giving the name of the band/artist/poet etc who wrote the lyrics of the song (add more than one if you know the song has been covered).

And to the record companies - all work that appears within this journal is the legal property of the copyright owner, unless stated. I claim no ownership of any copyrighted material that appears within this journal. If anyone who posts wrongly claims ownership of already copyrighted material, then take it up with them. I am making no money from this venture. If you believe you have a case against this journal, please contact me and I will remove the offending material.