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Terror, My Ruin.

Terror..This is what you call me...

I strike terror among men
I forgive but I never forget.
I've been put upon this earth in female form
But I can handle myself with the best of you
I have the right to remain silent
But I choose to speak, sing, scream
I am power of a woman
Strong like music, true like friendship
But without my friends there would be no music...
Only spoken word


I am able to change so I live without regret,
without remorse only a remix
I am drunk, I am sober.
Heaven doesn't want me and Hell's afraid I'll take over.
Don't bother trying to censor me
Or shut me up because it won't work.
I am cold and distant yet warm and close
To those who deserve to see that side of me part of me...
The heart of me.
I am me and I know exactly who I am, what I am and
The wrath I bring
The ugly beauty, the lying truth,the virgin whore...
The quiet storm.
A lover, a fighter, a saint, a sinner, a sister, a daughter
old school... a beginner.


I've been crucified,
Justified and mortified by my behavior.
My relief is my release and only time will tell
All is well that ends well.
I am unsweetened,unclean...
Being called a drama queen, ex-girlfriend, ex-member...
The tantrum, the temper
I point my finger...
Take the blame and this time I will own the name
Because no one is going to ruin me
If I have to I will ruin myself
And then it will be my ruin

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