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Just a quick note to say if you don't know how to use tags, or haven't heard of them before, the relevant FAQ entry can be found here.

I've done a number of the tags for previous entries; I'll do some more when I get bored. The full list of tags can be seen here. I'll trust you guys to add tags if you want to (feel free to do my job and update previous entries if you're also really bored) but check that the band/artist isn't in the tags list under another alias before you add a second one! Most of the entries and bands mentioned seem to be mine. The Lightning Seeds seem to appear a lot, mostly because I've posted the song Open Goals by them about three time without realising - I must sub-consciencely really like it!
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On June 28th, 2005 07:14 am (UTC), keletkezes commented:
Woo, Comments has changed too!

Thanks for the link!
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